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Thread: Problems in low range

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    Problems in low range

    Has anyone had sudden problems in the low range? A few weeks ago, I started having difficulty getting notes to speak in the mid-low register when tonguing. The problem starts at about the D on the staff. Even if its just a simple descending eight note B flat scale, right about thew D, it goes wrong. Above that, no issue. And also no issue with the extreme low register. Another weird symptom is that my normal mouthpiece fells like the rim diameter increased by a few notches. Any thoughts?


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    Have you changed your warmup routine lately? Or have you been practicing music that might tighten your chops, like very long phrases in the mid-high or high range?

    The other area to consider is diet or medications. Any changes there? For example, if allergies kicked in recently, some common OTC meds (like sudafed or benadryl) can dry the tissues.
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    First, check to make sure somehow you didn't swap your mouthpiece with another one that looks similar (i've done it!)

    Next, check for leaks, especially at the spit valves. Those can cause issues like this.

    I had a sudden issue with a Yamaha tuba, and it turned out that the weird ring nut that secures the leadpipe to the valve block had come loose, and was leaking lots of air.
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