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Thread: Sterling Virtuoso Model and Serial Numbers

  1. Just checked Kanstul's old website (which is fortunately still running as an archive, at least for now) in case I misremembered.

    It looks like they did offer both bronze and copper bell options on the 976, though it doesn't say if they used a sheet of copper, or something like the electroplating method that Conn used to use for their "Coprion" bells. Either way, it's a neat offering and kind of cool how the bell was removeable.
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    Wow, you are absolutely correct, Fuji.... Looks like 976 did have both bronze and copper bell options!

    So unfortunate that the Kanstul brothers decided to pull in the ores and shutter down the shop. At one time I had heard that B.A.C. had purchased all Kanstul tooling and mandrins, but I do not know what came of that initiative.

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