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    Like many others, Iíve been teaching through FaceTime and Zoom since March. Itís been a real adjustment. On the positive side, Iíve been forced to tighten up and simplify my verbal instructions. On the negative side, I can only approximate the studentís sound. I feel like Iím only seeing and hearing around 85% of the studentís sound, breathing, posture, and body language. Also thereís a slight lag which drives me crazy.

    How is everyone else adjusting to online lessons? Particularly, what have you found effective and ineffective? Would love to hear from both teachers and students.

    Martin Cochran
    Adams Performing Artist

  2. For me it's much more usable than I thought it would be. I have several students who I teach blended (virtually one week and in-person in a large space the next) and one who I've only ever taught remotely (he started with me a couple months ago). The kid who I've only taught remotely has made an astounding amount of progress. The medium is usable and he listens and practices. I use Google Meet with him and have not encountered any major technical issues. My friends with huge middle and high school studios love it because they no longer have to spend hours commuting to schools.
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    I just saw this morning that Zoom has a new audio mode that is better for music. See more here:
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