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Thread: FS: Sterling 1065 Compensating Euphonium

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    Thumbs up FS: Sterling 1065 Compensating Euphonium

    Asking $1.500 + shipping (I can usually keep it under $100 if its CONUS)
    A pro horn for an affordable price!
    Specs: With an 11.5 inch bell and a .592 bore it's very free blowing, especially in the lower register. Sterling 1065s also had better intonation than the Bessons of that era. I've had a spit valve installed on the 3rd valve slide by a tech.

    There are 2 small dings in the bell and a slight dent on the bell brace as you can see in the picture but other than that it's a wonderful horn!

    Email me at

    Comes with a gigbag and an SM3.5

    Asking $1500 plus shipping ( I can usually keep shipping under $100 if it's CONUS) price is firm, I have brought it down as low as I can go.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    EDIT: Added new photos after the replating on Flickr
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    Nice!! Great horn at a great price!
    Sterling / Perantucci 1065HGS Euphonium, 1952 B&H Imperial Eb Tuba, Yamaha YBB-631S BBb Tuba, and a bunch of trombones.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tbonesullivan View Post
    Nice!! Great horn at a great price!
    Thank you! I tried my best to make it affordable while maintaining a decent profit!

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    Obligatory bump as the sooner this is sold, the sooner, I can get the funds needed for my goal!

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    Bump! Got some replating done to the horn thanks to some pointers and advice from Chris Prazak who had his Hirsbrunner leadpipe replated!

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    Bump, one last time! Hopefully people see the new pictures of the horn!
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    I got the horn i wanted!!! Price lowered to 1.5k plus shipping.

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