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Thread: Question about leather specialties

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    Question about leather specialties

    Which brand set (I.e. besson, wilson, etc..) would best fit a Sterling 1065 and a Jupiter XO? I'm interested in purchasing from them but as they obviously do not have a set for those specific brands I'd like to know what will fit these two the best.

    EDIT: My bad I meant to post this in euph gear, could a moderator kindly move this thread to the right place?
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    Beef, I moved your thread to 'euph gear'.

    I've used leather guards from LSCO on two of my horns. My Yamaha 641 was enough different from the 642 that they had to be made special... an option they offer. Also on my M5050 they had no pattern so had to design them myself. Sometimes the support soldered to the bows is just enough different that a pattern from a similar horn won't fit the horn you have. Maybe someone else that has a Sterling will know.
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