I figured I'd cross post this from Tube net, as it's a really nice horn with a great history. I saw this tuba when it got listed on the Dillon Music website, but it didn't really have any information posted or pictures. I asked about that Yesterday, and well, it was exactly what I was looking for. Made in January 1952 according to serial number in the 180500 range. The 2nd branch was cut a bit to bring it to A:440. Matt said it plays well.

It has a small shank receiver, so I picked up a DW 3 for it. Even came with an older WWBW branded Reunion Blues gig bag. I haven't gotten a chance to take pictures of my own, so these are the ones from Dillon:



I'll post more once I figure out how to play Eb tuba. This will be perfect for Brass Band. According to the previous owner, it's had an interesting history, and was in use in a Canadian Military Band for quite some time. The bell was replaced with another at some point, so the serial numbers do not match.