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    Home recording

    I realize recording my practice sesions is a necessity in improving my playing. I've used my cell phone a few times, but that certainly doesn't give me the quality feedback I need. Based on my level of proficiency and only occasional solo work, I don't feel the need to set up a studio, but I would like to have the playback quality that's as close to what an audience would hear. Does anyone have recommendations on what's out there that might be suitable?

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    And may I add: I would also use it for my guitar playing and singing, which I do in a trio.

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    Have you seen this post? It shows what my preferences are:
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    I haven't seen it, David, thank you. I'll take a look.

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    My wife has a special microphone for her Apple laptop. I don't think she's ever used it put Apple sells it for better sound recordings. She also has a Bose remote speaker for the Apple. That may be a solution if you are using Apple products. Don't know quite what the cost is. There is also an app that my wife uses (Mac friendly) when she does her online harp lessons which pick up the dynamics much better.
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