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Thread: Oompah music

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    Oompah music


    Is anyone here playing in an oompah band? I gather that these bands mostly use German-style oval baritone horns for playing the 9 foot pitch range. Is a regular English-style euphonium suitable for playing the same parts in an oompah band, is the tone color all wrong?

    I guess there are also trombones playing that pitch range in oompah bands, but I am interested in the question above.

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    Never played in said type of band, but I've seen said bands using upright compensating horns, as well as front-action horns (way more common). Historically, the larger sizes of rotary Bass Trumpet have played the role of soloist 9'Bb thing, as well. I assume it comes down to preference. I'd imagine that In a band of 5 or 6 players, you have some freedom to figure out what you can tolerate.

    Having said that, ovalform horns have a very different sound from the British style horns. They don't play as well as modernized instruments, but they're really comfortable to hold and I find them more enjoyable to listen to. Some people might say they sound more similar to a Trombone. I disagree. If you go that route, use the appropriate mouthpiece. The horns themselves can be rather mouthpiece hateful. Most European players are using smaller mouthpiece sizes with smaller throats. Cup shape needs to be round, not v-cup. The mouthpiece is pretty much the only source of resistance in the entire instrument, so without it, you get an awful overblown sound.


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