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Thread: Plastic Tuba Choices

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    Mostly at the joints of tubing and valves.

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    Quote Originally Posted by highpitch View Post
    Mostly at the joints of tubing and valves.


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    That's pretty much what I expected. In that case, I'd be inclined to use some sort of strong bonding agent (glue -- probably an epoxy). Or better, if it's possible, actually work the joint free and glue it solidly. That would restore structural stability in addition to eliminating the leak whereas sealant applied to the leak is just a (temporary) surface fix.

    Of course, I don't know if the instrument permits of that approach to the joints. If they're really junky to begin with, it may not be possible to re-bond them. But then (largely as an act of desperation) I'd resort to gluing over the leak and entire joint with epoxy -- assuming that epoxy would bond to that plastic (for some plastics it won't).

    Or hot glue. Or (if I had the tool or wanted to invest in it), plastic welding.

    Just some thoughts on trying to fix something that may not be fixable.
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    Blackthorne - Are you still looking for a plastic tuba? If so, I may have found something that will interest you. Take a look at the following link. It is used and not in mint condition. But the original owner, and repairer, at least, is a fellow tuba guy. A plastic horn that has survived a few bumps and bruises, and is roughly half of what a new one would cost, may be just the thing you are looking for, for a clown band.

    If you have already found your plastic tuba, tell us about it. How is it working for you? Has it lived up/down to its reputation? It would be great to get a review of a plastic tuba on our forum.

    - Sara
    Baritone - 3 Valve, Compensating, JinBao JBBR1240

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