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Thread: Lip slurs/trills

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    Lip slurs/trills

    My two main sorces of inspiration are the Arban method and this forum so I was wondering what your experiences were on lip trills. I have just started studying the trills from Arban's exercises and am doing them comfortably on a metronome speed of 80, 30 mins a day. I am obviously enjoying every moment but wondering at the same time about other people's experiences on how long does it take to get up to a speed of around 120? It is nice to have a goal to work towards! I find the higher pitches (treble clef E and anything over easier than let's say the G to B below, that uses valves 1-3.). Does it help lip strength to practice lip trills in pedal tones like one does in the same way to improve the high register?
    Thanks in advance.

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    It takes time, and I have met players who just cannot get them to the real "trill" level of speed, and these are people with Masters in Performance degrees. The flexibility in Arban's definitely helps, but for a trill, you just need to learn to go full out.

    Lip trills are easier higher up, because there is less distance. Also in musical practice, most trills are a whole step or thereabouts. You don't see lip trills written down low for this reason, especially for an instrument that can accomplish REAL trills.

    The higher you play, the more pressure is needed inside to produce vibration. This means that more muscle strength is needed up high. If you are looking to build high range and endurance, the upper register is where you do that. The lower register is much more about air control and shape than about lip strength, IMHO.
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    You might find this video useful:

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    Thanks for the helpful posts. The video was a valuable lesson ��

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