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Thread: Valves needed for Buescher Baritone

  1. Valves needed for Buescher Baritone

    I have a 1924 Buescher 3-valve Baritone. It has 2 leaky valves that are not repairable. Any suggestions on where I might find some "recycled" ones? I'd replace all 3 if I could.

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    Shoot an email to Dan Schultz ( and see if he might have some lying around. Also, you might ask him about the feasibility of using valve cluster from some other brand (assuming you aren't trying to do a fully restoration to original).

    I'm curious what "not repairable" means since if they only leak, I'd think that repair is an option.
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    That's a pretty tall order. Maybe if you find an identical or similar instrument from the same maker, you can take the valves from it. The cost of repair of such instruments usually far exceeds their value, it's got to be a real labor of love to want to restore one.

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