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Thread: Some opinions needed-

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    Quote Originally Posted by John Morgan View Post
    [snip]I do practice enough to keep Linda in a perpetual state of something not normal.
    John - just looking at your list of instruments, to keep them warm requires a practice schedule of several hours a day!
    Dean L. Surkin
    Mack Brass MACK-EU1150S, BB1, Kadja, and DE 101XTG9 mouthpieces
    Bach 36B trombone; pBone; Vincent Bach (from 1971) 6.5AL mouthpiece
    Steinway 1902 Model A, restored by AC Pianocraft in 1988; Kawai MP8, Yamaha KX-76
    See my avatar: Jazz (the black cockapoo) and Delilah (the cavapoo) keep me company while practicing

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    Quote Originally Posted by dsurkin View Post
    John - just looking at your list of instruments, to keep them warm requires a practice schedule of several hours a day!
    Quite right you are, Dean!! The tuba sits most of the time (brass quintet/ensemble 2 or 3 times a year), but both trombones get used for two different year round symphony orchestras, and the Adams E3 mostly for the two concert bands. I do play the Wessex on occasion, and the B&H Imperial is currently at Lee Stofer's in Iowa getting put into sort of like new condition (was already pretty darn nice, just a few things to make it even nicer). Don't expect to see it until forever, but maybe not quite that long.

    I spend about 80% of my time on the Adam E3. I suffer from instrumentitis, an incurable disease caused by not knowing when to employ any kind of sense about limiting the number of instruments one owns.

    By the way, my list of instruments is not all inclusive. Add to that a Yamaha Disklavier, a Taylor 912e guitar, a Kala ukulele (to satisfy my nagging urge to move to Hawaii, which we once almost did), a couple of nice recorders, a harmonica, a pBone trombone (useful various times of the year), and maybe more, that is all I can think of at the moment.

    But I like the quandary of figuring out how to spend time with all of my instruments.

    Dean, you too, seem to have a handful of instruments as well. Life is good!!
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    John Morgan
    The U.S. Army Band (Pershing's Own) 1971-1976
    Adams E3 Custom Series Euphonium, Wessex EP-100 Dolce Euphonium, 1956 B&H Imperial Euphonium
    Adams TB1 Tenor Trombone, Yamaha YBL-822G Bass Trombone
    Wessex TE-360 Bombino Eb Tuba
    Rapid City New Horizons & Municipal Bands (Euphonium)
    Black Hills Symphony Orchestra (Bass Trombone), Powder River Symphony, Gillette, WY (Tenor Trombone)
    Black Hills Brass Quintet (Tuba)

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