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Thread: MICHIGAN: Kevin Powers

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    MICHIGAN: Kevin Powers

    Kevin was the repair person for Custom Music, but now that Custom no longer offers repairs Kevin has his own shop. He is known for doing very fine work.

    Michigan Musical Instrument Repair

    Kevin Powers in Michigan has his own shop now. He installed my Hirsbrunner trigger. His email is or (734) 915-5606.

    3151 N. Custer St., Monroe, MI 48162
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  2. I tried calling the phone # you referenced, no answer and there was no way to leave a message. Any other way to contact Kevin?
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    Oh yeah, Kevin Powers is an accomplished repair tech. He built a modern day double-bell euphonium from a Willson 2975. Believed it was commissioned by Dr. Ed Mallett.
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    I had a very positive experience with Mr. Powers when I took a horn to him to install an aftermarket trigger.
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  5. I believe Kevin added the slide trigger on my HBS 378 at request of a previous owner. Wish I could get in contact with him. I also tried an email address a friend gave me, who had Kevin work on his tuba about a year ago -

  6. Kevin's phone number has changed but he replies to the email address you listed. He is also semi retired but still working with individuals for the time being. I went to his shop yesterday for some work.

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