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Thread: Oval Mirafone Euphonium from 1970's

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    Oval Mirafone Euphonium from 1970's

    I just acquired an Oval Mirafone EUphonium. I believe. It came with a 1975 Price List and Catalogue. According to the catalogue the Bell for the EUph is 11 1/4's. Mine is 11 3/8's. The Bore off the 4th valve reads o.64"s or 15.8mm's. I measured the inside of the tuning slide post. The smaller one. The catalogue states it is a 56-4-0, but I can not find a model number on it. The Catalogue states it is a .577 bore with .635 coming off the 4th valve. Anyway this is what I assume I have.
    AS I understand it has a small shank receiver . Although my small shank mouthpieces go almost all the way in except for my DOug Elliott which sticks out about 1/4''. I was wondering if a large shank receiver and or more open leadpipe could be adapted to it. I have quite an abundance of large shank mouthpieces I would like to try on it. It has a beautiful sound . I only had my Hammond 10ML+ 26.1 mm and a HOuser /Parker 26.5ish 4G model. I use these on Tenor Trombone and are too small in my opinion for this instrument.
    Anyway I have a DE J cup I am looking for a J6E or J6ES to try on it. ANyone have one. If anyone has anymore info on this instrument I would like to hear it. The receiver opening is 12.5mm and the leadpipe O.D. at the rear of the receiver is 12.9mm
    Thanks, John Mckevitt
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    That horn may have (probably has?) the medium shank European receiver -- like my Amati of the same vintage does. You can get one from Doug that will interchange into the DE cup you have.

    I've never bothered putting a large shank receiver on mine, but you certainly could do that as well. Gives you more mouthpiece options.
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    Congrats John on your new axe. Gary is right that Doug Elliott has medium (or Euro) shanks that would probably fit many of your cups. I have a Euro shank just in case I ever get a Willson horn. I'm holding on to that just in case.
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    It would have been designed for something closer to a Elliott F or E cup size, that's what german players would use on it and will probably tune better with an appropriately sized mouthpiece.

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    Thanks All, I'm sure I'll be on a Quest to find the right mouthpiece to use on it for a bit. It came with a Mirafone B-56 ~26.00 mm Roughly a Bach 4G/4GB or Schilke 52D . I have G* and H* cups that I use with my 520 and 522 bore Tenor Trombones. I use a 103 rim and the G* as My Big Band Lead Trombone mpce. Being primarily a Bass Trombonist(29.50MM rim)BBbb COntrabass Trombone(32.6mm rim) and BBbb TUba (33.5mm rim) I tend to go larger than most on my Smaller Horns. My Large bore Tenor Trb. is a Bach 2G and the last time I had a Euphonium( Besson New Standard 4 valve ~1970 era), I was using a Greg Black 1 1/2G Medium weight mpce. It's nice to have a Euphonium again. THE FUN BEGINS!!
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