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Thread: Euphonium Stuff for Sale

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    Euphonium Stuff for Sale

    I have some stuff I need to part with as I donít/havenít used it... email me with questions and if interested! Everything is either like-new/lightly used or actually new.

    Parker 3G/4G (4G cup with extended 3G rim), stainless steel rim/cup/shank, includes large and medium shanks - $240 (cost of new one but this one includes an additional shank)

    Giddings EXL stainless steel large shank (pouch included) - $100

    Giddings Carbonaria stainless steel large shank (pouch included) - $100

    ProTec gig bag gold series (backpack straps, includes shoulder strap, mouthpiece pouch) - $100

    Iím happy to provide any photos of anything if someone is interested. Just shoot me an email. Thanks!
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    Someone is gonna get a deal on that K&G ^^^ best mouthpiece I've ever played on, I still love it so, so much.
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    Some items sold and added a Glenn Cronkhite bag to the list.
    Brandon Jones
    Principal Euphonium - The United States Air Force Band, Washington, D.C.
    Principal/Solo Euphonium - Brass of the Potomac
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  4. Brandon, I will buy the Cronkhite bag! PM Sent
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  5. Brandon - I IM'd you about the Marcus Bonna case. Thanks!
    James Kircoff
    Genesee Wind Symphony - principal euphonium (Adams E3 Custom .60mm yellow brass bell w/ K&G 3.5)
    Capital City Brass Band (2019 NABBA 2nd section champions) - 1st baritone (Besson BE956 w/ Denis Wick 6BY)

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    Updated to remove Bonna case which has also been spoken for. Still some mouthpieces and a nice ProTec bag available!

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    Did you sell the EXL? I know this post is rather old.
    Ben Dawley
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    Calvary Baptist Church & Academy
    Euphonium, Mid-Michigan Brass Band

    Adams E1
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