I had never heard of this company. Today I had to go to our "official" (i.e., not closest) US Post Office to send something to my grandson. This is in a one-mule town (Moncure, NC) about 11 miles from where we live. The tiny PO has (at best) one person on the service desk, and she's also the Postmaster. But it's generally better than going to the larger, modern, and busier PO only 4 miles away. Anyhow ...

As I'm leaving the PO and turn out of (of course) Post Office Street, I spy a white box van parked across the road in the lot for a small building. I've lived here over 30 years and still have no idea whether that building is used, and if so, what for, but never mind that. The sides of the van were decorated with a lot of graphics of musical instruments (which got my attention) and also "Mobile Instrument Repair" and "BigNoteMusic.com". I can't imagine what this van was doing sitting in Moncure, but when I got home I checked out the company.

The web site is https://www.bignotemusic.com/, and the company appears to be headquartered in Georgia, but its "About" page lists both a Georgia and a North Carolina phone number. In other places it indicates that it provides service currently in "the Southeast". It has an interesting business model (for serving both schools and individuals) that provides for fairly quick (1-week) turn-around on repairs and some same-day repairs on-site. The company is also soliciting potential employees and seems to have some sort of instrument repair intern/apprentice program. The only part of the business model that strikes me as potentially unsustainable is the requirement to pre-pay for service (and this includes pre-paying to even schedule an on-site repair visit). I do understand the reason and motivation for this. Realistically, I suspect it would discourage more business than it might ensure payment for. But maybe it works for them, though I wonder if they impose this requirement on their regular school customers.

They have a Facebook page as well (doesn't every company now, however useless most of those pages are?) and appear to be members of NAPBIRT.