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Thread: British Brass Bands Live Steam

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    British Brass Bands Live Steam

    For anyone who likes to listen to British Brass Bands, have a look at Boarshurst Silver Band on Facebook. If you like and follow their page you will see their weekly concerts from guest bands.

    The band I play with, Skelmersdale Prize Band, played last night. Itís a great way of keeping Brass Band music available to all at no charge.

    A big thumbs up to Boarshurst Silver Band for providing this service.

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    I thought this might have had some interest from the forum.

    Last Sunday was Leyland Band. With a brilliant Euphonium solo of Allegro from Mozart’s Basson Concerto.

    You can still view it if you like Boarshurst Silver Bands page on Facebook. It’s definately worth a listen.


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