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Thread: FS Mouthpieces

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    FS Mouthpieces

    DW 2AL in GOld 27.00mm rim --- $90
    Warburton 7ST w/ T6* Small Shank
    Very Deep Cup 26.13mm rim in SIlver 4 mos old
    $160 New $205
    Hammond 10ML 26.13mm rim in Silver-----SOLD
    $100 New $150
    Houser/ MO 33.2A Stainless Steel Tuba Rim and Delrin Cup Extender
    This is for the 3 piece System 3 mos old
    DW 4AL Modified to Small shank in Gold. Needs Replating $------ Now on EBAY for $65 w/1 bid
    All mouthpieces in Fine to Excellent condition minus the DW 4AL Small Shank-----SOLD


    Contact me for pics/questions at
    TY John McKevitt
    561 459 9476
    Greater Atlanta Metro Area
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    emailed you

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    Houser/ MO 33.2A Rim and Delrin Cup Extender ----SOLD-----

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    Reduced Prices

    DW 2AL $80

    Warburton 7ST $150

    Contact me for pics @

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    Wick 2AL Standard in Gold--$70-----SOLD

    Warburton 7ST w/6* small shank in SIlver $140
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