Just noticed this on the Tubenet Forsale list: https://fortmyers.craigslist.org/lee...818588069.html.

Interesting little horn at a decent price. Looks like a Mirafone/Cerveny clone. If interested, you might call Tom McGrady and ask him how good it is, weight, etc. He doesn't sell this model any longer. On the Tubenet page, the seller says he'll ship via Greyhound (which is inexpensive and how Tom himself has traditionally shipped). It's a 3-valve (Tom now sells a similar 4-valve for about $1,700). If Tom says it's a good horn, it could be a nice acquisition. Note that the 1st valve slide is standing up in front of the top bow so you could vent the valve and easily use the slide for intonation adjustment dynamically. That's what I did with my Cerveny 781 and then rarely used the 4th valve after that.

May be worth a look. Rotary valves are a LOT easier to take care of than piston valves (basically requiring no care at all).