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Thread: Question for Wick 4AL mouthpiece users

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    If you feel comfortable with it you could re-plated it again: it shouldn't cost you more than ten dollars.
    I definitely would NOT have a worn out mouthpiece replated. To do this properly, it has to be buffed down to take the corrosion, scratches, etc. out of the raw brass. It then has to be adequately replated, a process that includes copper plating (silver doesn't stick to brass) before the mouthpiece is silver plated.

    Depending on the degree of pitting and damage to the rim and cup, the mouthpiece can end up with a different shape than Denis Wick originally gave it. In the greater scheme of thjings, for a common mouthpiece like a 4AL, you are MUCH better off getting a new one, or a used one from eBay that is in near new shape.
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  2. Ive had a mouthpiece refurbished by Owen Wedgwood in the UK and got it back like new. He fills all pits and scratches and then smooths them to the original profile. Followed by a fantastic plating job!
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    Last Tuesday, I got the Wick 4M. I was previously using the SM4UM for over 10 years. I also had played on the SM3M and SM4M during last couple of years of university.

    It seems like that the extra mass etc. on the Mead mouthpieces eats the air up. The rim of the SM4UM can get very uncomfortable.

    What I found so far is Wick 4M plays a lot better and pretty much does everything which Steven Mead claims that his own series does. Maybe things have changed for the better with the X and XR mouthpiece for the better. So I guess it may depend on the player. Hindsight says I should got the Wick 4M instead of getting the Mead mouthpieces when I was in university.

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    I prefer the Non-Ultra versions of the SM Wick mouthpieces. /shrug
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