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Thread: Read Before Posting Items for Sale

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    Got it!

  2. I agree to the terms listed.
    James Kircoff
    Genesee Wind Symphony - principal euphonium (Adams E3 Custom .60mm yellow brass bell w/ K&G 3.5)
    Capital City Brass Band (2019 NABBA 2nd section champions) - 1st baritone (Besson BE956 w/ Denis Wick 6BY)

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    Feb 2014
    NYC metro area
    I have read and agree to these terms.
    Dean L. Surkin
    Mack Brass MACK-EU1150S, BB1 (DE 101XTG9 mouthpiece in the drawer)
    Bach 36B trombone; Bach 6.5AL mouthpiece (pBone on loan to granddaughter)
    Steinway 1902 Model A, restored by AC Pianocraft in 1988; Kawai MP8, Yamaha KX-76
    See my avatar: Jazz (the black cockapoo) and Delilah (the cavapoo) keep me company while practicing

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    Nov 2014
    Palm Springs, CA
    I agree to the terms of selling on this site.
    Thank you
    Mark Wienand
    Willson 3400 TA Compensating Eb Bass
    Willson 2900 Euphonium

  5. I have read and agree to the terms. Thanks!

  6. Buongiorno, accetto i termini per la vendita di articoli su questo sito
    Gianfranco Martello

  7. I agree to the terms for selling on this site.

    Jim Thacker
    Yamaha YBH 621s
    York trombonium

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    Selling terms

    I agree to these terms. Thanks for the resource.

  9. I totally understand and agree to the terms for selling items.
    Mark Wienand
    AND I just noticed I had an account under my old school email address from 2014. I am sorry for creating another one. I dont have access to that email anymore to delete the MEWienand account.
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  10. I have read and agree with all.

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