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Thread: Read Before Posting Items for Sale

  1. I agree to the terms on the Site

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    Dec 2012
    San Antonio, TX
    I agree to these terms. I don't remember doing this when I registered.
    Raul Escobar
    1985 Willson 2900BS, Hammond 11L
    1974 King 4BF Silver Sonorous, Hammond 12ML
    1972 King Duo Gravis, Hammond 20BLL

  3. I have read and agree as well...

    Miraphone 289
    Adams F5
    Kanstul 991 Custom
    Always room for more....

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  5. Agreed

  6. I have read and agree.


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    have read and agree to all of the terms.
    John Elliott
    Adams E1, .60 mm, sterling silver bell, brushed lacquer
    Mouthpiece--Griego 5, Denis Wick SM4U, Denis Wick 4AL

  8. I have read and

    agree to the terms for selling.


  9. I have read and agree to all terms. Thanks for providing this fantastic resource for all of us!
    Willson 2900 TA-1 Euphonium - Denis Wick 4AM
    Yamaha YSL-643 Trombone - Bob Reeves BrassArk 5G "Gladstone"
    Yamaha YSL-8440 Trombone - Denis Wick 5BS
    VMI 3301S BBb Tuba - Schilke Helleberg

    York Preference 3067 Euphonium - Denis Wick 4AL
    Benge 165F Trombone - Benge Marcellus
    Wessex BR140 Baritone - Denis Wick 6BS
    F.E. Olds Special Trombone (ca. 1941)

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    I have read and Agree to the terms

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