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    In Good Company

    As a US Army veteran, I am amazed, impressed, jealous, and amazed (yes, I said amazed twice) that so many of the contributors to this forum are current or former military band performers.

    When I enlisted in 1997, I auditioned on trumpet, but failed to impress. I took my horn along and was, luckily, able to be a part of various small local ensembles with fellow service members, i.e. brass quintets at Army Balls.

    This is also the very first music/band related forum that I have joined, and it seems to span a great deal in the age demographic. It stands to reason that there would be a greater representation of military bandsmen.

    All in all, I think itís wonderful, and Iím glad to have stumbled upon this forum.

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    Thanks for your service Clayton. Hope hurricane Lane stays away from the Hawaiian islands.
    Rick Floyd
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    So far so good. Bit of a breeze right now where I am, rain on and off. I’ve been concerned about the timing of my deliveries, though. I got my Miraphone gig bag yesterday, and my new-used XO is supposed to arrive on Friday.


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