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Thread: Euphonium False Tones

  1. Euphonium False Tones

    Anybody got false tone fingerings for a Boosey & Hawkes Regent

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    Guessing you're on a three valve non-compensating horn, right? Would be the same for all brands, and same for tuba an octave down. The notes can be squirrelly and you might find the same fingering can catch more than one note, but I have found the below stuff true on my horns.

    On a 3-valve Bb baritone in concert pitch, the false tones that fill in the gap between line below the staff low E (123) the pedal range Bb are pretty standard.
    Eb one line below the staff, open, then the rest down chromatically from that:
    D, 2
    Db, 1,
    C 1&2, or 3
    B 2&3
    false Bb 1&3 can be tough but doable. (if I was playing a passage that went from false C to Bb or B to Bb, I might play the false Bb so there was no big change in tone, air)
    Then pedal range Bb is open, regular fingerings down to pedal E, below that, you might squeeze out another set of false tones below pedal E.

    I find this practice helps develop my pedals, and if you move on to a 4 valve horn someday, you'll already have accustomed your ear and lips to some degree.

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    Thank you for the fingering! I have yet to figure out how to play the false notes yet, can't seem to find the right embouchure placement. Going to try the fingerings and see!


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