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Thread: I'm looking for a music stand that

  1. I'm looking for a music stand that

    has a shelf where I can put my reading glasses and valve oil rather than on the floor. The one a friend has is a typical stand but with a shelf below and parallel to where he places his music. I've searched everywhere on the Internet but, so far, no luck. Does anyone have such a stand and, if so, how can I get one? I have a bad back and bend over as little as possible. Thanks.


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    I have a shelf extender that slides on my Manhasset stand’s shelf. It’s only $6 and works well. See this link for more info:
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    I also have what Rick has and it works great. If you want a stand that is actually made that way, Manhasset Model 50 Orchestral stand is the one, also have this and it works just as well, only difference is it is all metal and sometimes turning pages of music is easier as the slip on attachment is not in the way.

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    I own the Wenger stand, and it has the advantage of a polycarbonate desk so the corners don't get bent up over time. It's more expensive at $81, but so far I've been using it for 38 years and it is like new. The shelf has curved-up ends so things are less likely to fall out when you pick up the stand to move it, etc.

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    Or there is the Manhasset Orchestra Stand, which has a metal top and costs $54:

    It will also last for decades if handled with care.

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    It's pretty easy to make your own add-on shelf out of a piece of aluminum 'U' channel, or to make a piece of 'U' channel out of two pieces of 'L' channel. I made one that way (out of 'L' channel that's about 1.5" on a side) using pop rivets, though epoxy would work as well. I just clip it to the music stand shelf with a couple of strong spring clips, and all my pens go in it, my glasses when necessary, and one of my tuners is always hung on it. It's also portable from one stand to another.

    An alternative is to get a "cup holder" that clamps onto the upright tube of the stand -- like this one. It works well for glasses and a couple of pencils, etc.
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  6. This is what I use:
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    I LIKE it!
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  8. Quote Originally Posted by DaveBj View Post
    I LIKE it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by iiipopes View Post
    That's pretty slick. Might have to pick one up!
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  10. Mine was delivered this morning. Think I'm going to like it! Click image for larger version. 

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