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Thread: playing the score

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    I notice that phenomenon a lot more (unsurprisingly) when I on occasion (e.g., if no bassoon is present or if the arrangement has no 3rd/bass trombone part) attempt to play something like the bassoon part or Bari sax part on the bass trombone. Below the staff, the result can be startlingly wonkers, while an ocatave up it works reasonably. Also, if I use a cup mute (and in tune!) the bass trombone can work well with or in place of the bassoon at times. I believe you've put your finger on one of the fundamental issues in focusing on the overtones in the tuba low register -- which is very rich in them.
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    I think it can depend, sometimes it can work but sometimes, depending on instrumentation, doing so and taking music down (or up) an octave can invert chords, which can cause problems by changing the tonality the composer wanted. Additionally, it can create a "busy" chord, because some parts down or up the octave puts it out of place in a chord (say, a seven chord) which completely changes the chord. As a general rule, you must take a lot of caution as to what you're doing to a composer's piece by doing this. Remember what they're trying to do and that they probably wrote something a way for a reason, but that said, it can be a musical choice and I'm not by any means opposed to making musical decisions about music

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