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Thread: Sound differences of Wessex Dolce, Mack Brass, and Schiller Elite Euphoniums

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    I forget to explain that Doug Elliott makes a variety of mouthpieces for trombone and euphonium. You could certainly discuss with him the sound you want on your instrument and the type of mouthpiece you've been using. He can match a rim, cup and shank that might work.

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    I think that those who suggested trying out different mouthpieces to achieve the darker sound that you want (as opposed to buying a new and very similar instrument) are offering practical advice. A few months ago I tried out a Doug Elliott mouthpiece (103 rim, J8 shank, J cup). It was more "V"shaped than my Wick 4AL and I got a noticeably darker sound on my Adams E2. I don't remember if Mr. Elliott offers returns, but some brass mouthpiece retailers do. DF Music is one that comes to mind ( I'm certain that there are other mouthpieces out there that would achieve a similar end. It's worth checking them out before investing in a new instrument.
    OK. So if I do try a different mouthpiece, how do I tell what affect it my or may not have on the sound of my horn? If I start with the 4AL, which direction do I go next? Just what do I look for to help with getting a darker sound?
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    I'd suggest trying a Schilke 51D for starters. It's a little narrower than the 4AL but deeper and more cup-shaped, which gives most people a darker, more centered sound.

    You could try a Kelly Lexan mouthpiece. They are good and quite cheap. You'll find their 51D on this page:
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    My Wessex Dolce came with a Wessex 5G. I've been mainly using a Bach 3G which provides a darker sound then the 5G.
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