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Thread: Euph Player Looking for a mouthpiece for tuba

  1. Euph Player Looking for a mouthpiece for tuba

    I'm mainly a euphonium/baritone player. A year ago I bought an old beat up 3/4 King 1135 to learn the tuba. It came with a Bach 18 mouthpiece. After a year, the Bach still feels too big to me. I'd like suggestions for a smaller mouthpiece.

    If it makes any difference, I use a G&W Kadja on my euph.

    Thanks for any help.


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    The first question I have for you is did the Bach 18 fit in the mouthpiece receiver? (It should go in about 1.25 inches). The reason I ask is a lot of old beater horns have a small receiver and it affects which mouthpiece you get. A very common tuba mouthpiece for euphonium doublers is a Denis Wick 3. If your Bach 18 fits in your receiver, you need a 3L. If the Bach only goes in about 1/2 inch or so, then you need a 3. Some euphonium players like an even smaller mouthpiece. That would be a 4 or 4L. You could go to a 5 or 5L, but I personally think that is too small. There are a lot of tuba mouthpieces out there, most are as big or bigger than the Bach 18. There are some smaller G&W tuba mouthpieces too. They are much more expensive than the Denis Wick mouthpieces. Look on Dave Werden's mouthpiece comparison chart for ID on the Bach 18 and then the Denis Wick mouthpieces. You should be able to make a good guess which one would work for you. The rim profile can also make the mouthpiece feel bigger. The Bach 18 has a big rim. The Wicks are a bit smaller rims. I'm sure others will give you good suggestions too.


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