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Thread: New Wessex Tornister Euphonium

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    I concur with everyone else. My main takeway from playing the Tornister euph was "wow, that was lots of fun to play."
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    Quote Originally Posted by Koukalaka View Post
    Shipping crate from Wessex:

    Attachment 6447

    Nicely packed in plenty of foam, with a complimentary Wessex baseball cap, bottle of valve oil, pencil, and what I think is a mouthpiece case:

    Attachment 6448

    The Maly in its cute little case:

    Attachment 6449

    First glance of this beautiful little instrument:

    Attachment 6450

    The Maly is really fun to play. Obviously this is a small instrument with a small bore, and it sounded a little stuffy for the first few minutes when I started playing. It's easy to overblow when I'm used to the airflow of my Mack Brass compensating euphonium. But after a little adjustment in intonation, the Maly does make a nice sweet sound. The valves are super smooth right out of the box. There was a tiny bit of metallic rattle that seemed to resonate with a few notes--I thought it was from the end screws on the valve block or from the little rail thing that keeps the tuning slide from falling out, because it seemed to go away when I tightened them, but it has come back a few times.

    Fit/finish are otherwise pretty good--there is a little bit of greenish corrosion where the bracket that holds that little rail is soldered to the instrument--any idea how to safely get rid of that?

    Sorry about the photos all being rotated--they are right-side up everywhere else, but somehow when I insert them here the system rotates them 90 degrees counterclockwise.
    Now that you've had this a little while, are you still in love with it? I'm trying to decide if I need one.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by pvflanigan View Post
    Now that you've had this a little while, are you still in love with it? I'm trying to decide if I need one.
    I apologize for the lengthy delay in replying...yes, I am! I'd been playing the tuba more in preparation for a Christmas concert, but in the last couple of weeks I've been more euphonium-focused and have found myself reaching for the Maly more often. It's just so convenient and fun to play. It doesn't have the fullness of a large compensating instrument, but now that I've learned the right amount of air to use for it, it has quite a lovely sound. My intonation in the lower register is improving.

    I will say that I don't do well at all with the included mouthpiece, it's too shallow for me. I've been using a Kelly 5G with good results (and my King 5G, although I keep that in the case of my larger compensating horn so I usually go with the Kelly). My Kelly 5G is a bright neon green color, though, so I need to get a more formal-looking mouthpiece for this horn. Thinking I might try a Schilke 51D.

    So--yes. I'm really enjoying the Maly. I wouldn't want it to be my ONLY euphonium...but if I could only have two, this would be the second one.

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