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Thread: Forum Is Working Much Better Now

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    Forum Is Working Much Better Now

    You have all been very patient with the forum while the previous host was handling it. On the new host, the error rate has dropped dramatically. I appreciate you all hanging in there as I worked through 1st trying to fix the issues and then 2nd moving the whole site to a new host. And an additional thank-you to those who PM'd me or used the contact form to let me know how bad it was. Below is an image showing the errors seen by the Google spider per day before and after the move. I think you'll see when the move took place:
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    Now that's what you call "fixing the problem!" Good work, Dave!!
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    It's been a huge improvement! Congratulations, and thank you for everything you do with the forum.

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    It's been running great! I'm sure it was a lot of work moving the forum, but it was surely worth it.
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    Thank you! The forum is an invaluable aid for this returning player.
    Euph Loosh
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