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Thread: Dimensions of the King 2280?

  1. Dimensions of the King 2280?

    What are the dimensions of the King 2280? I am wanting to get a gig bag and am wondering if it will fit in a protec. Here is the link:

  2. According to

    32 x 20 x 17 inches

    Can you measure your king 2280 and confirm it

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    A king is a bit taller than a besson or other standard euphoniums, I'm taking mine to TMEA to show the mods I've done to it to the Conn-Selmer people. If I see a protec booth I'll try it in one and see how it fits. I use an altieri now, but I'm not a huge fan

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    I'm sorry, protec did not bring a euph case to TMEA. There is a local store I know of that might have one. I'll check, but the protec people suggested looking on the website for interior dimensions of the bag

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    I have a protec bag, it looks like it will fit a euphonium up to 27" long according to my measuring tape, but I've actually put a 28" long civil war baritone in one (with a little difficulty) so there is a little room to stretch it to fit if need be.

    The 32" measurement quoted above must be for the shipping box, because I know it's not that big!

  6. It fits!

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    Good to know! How do you like it?

  8. I haven't gotten a real chance to try it out yet. I'm not taking it in the gig bag to school as it will be instantly crushed. I'll give a good review after I get a good chance to use it at all state in a month.

  9. So far, it seems to be a pretty quality case. It comes with many accessories including a mouthpiece case and shoulder straps.

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