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    I am auditioning for Allstate this Saturday and was wondering if anyone had any advice. It is my 1st high school audition, but I do feel like I play well for my age(14).

  2. There's a few things I can say. I'm a junior in high school and I made All State this year. (Sorry for this lengthy response in advance)

    Dynamics- I assume you have your excerpts down fine and some form of dynamic expression. Now see if you can exaggerate it. Try to put an emotion with each phrase, each line, each excerpt. There's another thing. Don't think of them as excerpts. These are songs. Try to make someone smile with it. Sometimes what's written on the page might not make sense with how you play the given song. They won't write in every single dynamic either. This is your chance to show off your musicianship.

    Scales- Make sure each note is smooth and connected, but not slurred. Have dynamics in your scales, too. With the chromatic scale, try to keep your breaths quick and concealed so you don't lose the tempo and so you don't destroy smoothness of the scale. If you struggle with this just do it to the best of your abilities without risking notes or tone or anything else.

    Sight Reading- Everyone has their own little technique when they go about sight reading. The best way to be successful at this is knowing your scales confidently. I would almost bet that there will be some form of 16th notes or triplets or anything of the sort. Don't rush them. They might also throw a couple of octave jumps at you or will have a nasty B natural placed somewhere. In my auditions I've encountered all of the previous things I've mentioned. I also find it important to note that I've never seen a key signature in the sight reading, but rather a bunch of accidentals. (Don't count on/expect that last note, but be prepared).

    Final Thoughts-Just relax. It's nerve-racking. But you'll never get anywhere if you can't control your breathing or anything else vital to playing. (Breathing exercises should help a bit). Make sure you get a good warm-up before you audition and cover your entire range. Not so much where you have taxed your lips to the point where your tone is garbage, but just so you get a good feel of low F and high Bb (or whatever your highest note without severe struggle is). AND MAKE SURE YOU'RE IN TUNE. DO NOT change anything major in the last 3 or so days before your audition. Take this time to practice final details and scales.

    One last thing- some states might do things differently, so take all the advice you hear into consideration, but make sure you know that it's not all set in stone. It might not be "exactly as they said." But just to reinforce it, just relax. Don't forget what you've practiced once you're in there.

    I wish you the best of luck
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    Personality. Tell a story with your playing. Exaggerate it.

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    Don't let the auditioner(s) rattle you.

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  5. Thanks everyone for the tips! I managed to make 1st chair in the state for 9th and 10th grade (I'm in 9th)!

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    Thanks for letting us know the outcome - congratulations!
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