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Thread: Marine corps Band Audition.

  1. Marine corps Band Audition.

    I am a senior in High school in Texas. I have been looking into joining the marine corps band since my sophomore. I was a trumpet player, and a pretty good one if i do say so my self. However, I had to switch to Euphonium for an unknown reason, due to the fact that my embouchure did not respond with trumpet during marching band season of my Junior year. Luckily, I have not encountered any problems with Euphonium so far. I do make progress very slowly, and i have a good high G, not great, but good. I am wondering if you had any advice in what repetoire i could play that does not require too much range. Also any help on range improvement.

    Thank you for your time

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    Hello GibranC and welcome to the forum! Looks like you have a few months to get ready. Great choice to try for a military band. Get yourself an Arbans book. Learn to read and play in bass clef if you haven't already. You should work to get your range at least to a high Bb (concert pitch). Practice and learn all major scales (minors would be good, too). Play them two octaves. Play chromatic scales. As you do the scale work, every week try to play a scale up to your highest note you can play well and then try adding a half step more each week. Play scales with dynamics and crescendos and diminuendos, slow and fast, slurred and tongued, staccato and legato, make them beautiful and musical. Practice long tones, going up and down the full range of your horn. Practice as many slur exercises as you can. Talk with your band director about solos. He should be able to point you to some or look on the Texas State List. If you are really serious about auditioning for a Marine Band, take some lessons now through the end of your school year. Find a teacher familiar with military bands. Texas is an easy state to find help and teachers, I know, I lived there for many years. Good luck!
    John Morgan
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