I just had a wrinkle in my bell removed by Aaron Beck of http://beckbrassworks.com/

I have a rehearsal tonight, and he offered to do it right away. Since I work nearby, I planned to pick it up after lunch. But I got a call from him: he planned to be in the area and offered to drop it off (which he did). That's service! He did a great job as well. For those of us in the area, he is located right off Rt. 9, just outside of Rt. 128.

Here's Aarons brief bio: "After receiving a BA/BM in French Horn performance from The University of Washington I went onto musical instrument repair school in Renton Washington. While in repair school I apprenticed with a shop in Seattle then moved to VA and started my own shop. In VA I did work for the National Symphony, Kennedy Center Opera Orchestra, The Presidents Own, Pershings Own and Lawson Musical Instruments. Lawson was a big influence on my work and with them I learned the art of making mouthpieces and mouthpipes. I did fabrication for Lawson as well as repair work, and buffing work for Walter Lawson. I moved the shop to Ma in 2009 where it is currently located"

I have an old Boosey & Sons Imperial in need of some minor restoration that will involve some fabrication. I'll update this thread after it's done.