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Thread: Shipping insurance risks

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    Shipping insurance risks

    I've heard horror stories about shipping companies such as UPS or FedEx not paying when a claim is filed. Is this true? Anyone have any experience to share? What a shame it would be to purchase a nice used or new instrument, have it damaged in shipping after being insured and then not be able to recoup for damages. That would be frustrating. Would appreciate any experiences or best practices to avoid this. Thanks.
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    When I first got back into playing about 16 yrs ago, I bought a small 3v euph that was shipped via UPS (sometimes known as 'OOPS'). The bell was damaged so I returned it to the seller. Not sure if UPS paid for the damage or not. Part of the problem though was how it was packed. The horn was in its case and there wasn't much packing martial to isolate the case (and horn inside) from receiving damage. Because of this experience I would probably not use UPS to ship a horn. I too have heard of UPS not paying for damage claims... unless they pack the item themselves.

    When I received my M5050 from Tuba Exchange it was shipped via FedEx. It arrived in perfect condition. It was packed really well in a large box with plenty of packing material and strapped to a pallet. The semi-tractor trailer delivered to my home. I found out some months later if I wanted to ship a horn that way - on a pallet - it would cost me $700! Pretty sure Tube Exchange doesn't pay that much having a business acct, but it still must be pretty expensive.
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    beware when shipping fedex for any musical instruments over 20 years old, they will not allow you to claim a value of more than $100 on such items.

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    Fed Ex will not insure a musical instrument for more than $1,000. UPS has no limits but it is very expensive. It was $150 via UPS to ship the horn. They even charge a fuel surcharge and for 200 lbs. because it's an oversize box. I received a horn from Horn Guys via UPS and the box was beat even though it had large red labels saying Musical Instrument. I returned the horn via UPS and not wishing to have to pay for damage fully insured the instrument. I packed it exactly the same as Horn Guys and no damage. I've used Fed Ex to ship one instrument (used) and it was fine. Custom Tubas has shipped me two horns over the years via Fed Ex and the boxes were in perfect condition. Lately anything that comes via UPS has damage to the boxes. Fed Ex isn't perfect but less damage plus less cost.


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