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Thread: In need of assistance identifying Euph brand

  1. It sounds like it needs new valve felts and corks to align the ports.

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    Sounds like a knock-off maybe of the famous "Kruspe" brand.
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    Alright, I'll go out and buy some as soon as possible.

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    I've seen a horn or two over the years with that name show up on eBay from a seller in Germany that deals in very old European horns.

    Helicons, tenor horns, tubas of every type show up now and then.

    eBay example:


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    It's similar to some of the Conn tenor horns on horn-u-copia. Rebranded perhaps? The top & bottom caps appear to be a very old style.

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    Would It help if I posted a picture of it's serial number, and the top and bottom caps?

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