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Thread: In need of assistance identifying Euph brand

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    In need of assistance identifying Euph brand

    I've been searching for the past couple of years, but to little to no avail. Recently I was pointed towards forum sites and decided to give it a try, I was also told that my Euphonium is from approximately the turn of the 20th century. Click image for larger version. 

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    Too bad the flash of your camera renders the maker's (?) name partly undistinghuisable. I believe it reads Kresppe, but am not sure about the K & r, due to the flash. Kresspe does not ring a bell on Google. Also, pictures of the whole instrument could be helpful to (approximately) determine the age.

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    It wasn't the camera flash, just general refraction of light in the room.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Euphonium new 002.jpg 
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Name:	Euphonium new 001.jpg 
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    Hopefully these help

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    Never heard of that maker. I'd call that instrument a Bb tenorhorn, similar to what we'd call a baritone today. The style of the instrument certainly seems to be from around 1895 to 1920ish. Any other stamps or marks on it? Made in Austria, perhaps? Kresspe sounds like a German name, but the fact that it's engraved in English would make it seem like it was intended for sale here.

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    The only other 'stamps' per say would be the serial number on the second valve

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    Better pics now, thanks. Still not 100% convinced it says 'Kresspe' though. The 'esspe' part is undoubted, but everything before that looks weird to me and could be anything.

    Have you determined if it's modern pitch or not?

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    It does say Kresspe, for possibly Firesspe, depending on how you look at the calligraphy. It is in fact in modern pitch.

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    Also, something I just noticed as I was cleaning it. Is it normal for the pistons to have serial numbers on the top of them?
    I also found them on the lids of bottom piece of the valve. Not all of them are exactly the same in alignment, does this say anything?

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    Do you mean the numbers on top of the valves aren't the same as the numbers on the bottom?

    The instrument looks very interesting. Since it's modern pitch, I'd say it could be early to mid 1930s, but I'm no expert...
    Odd that the name Kresspe doesn't show up anywhere. One would think that there should be some other instruments around, I don't expect it to be a 'one-off'. But as for now, you've got a mystery horn.

    You could try posting your quest on the forum of horn-u-copia:

    By the way, how does it play?
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    No, the numbers are all the same. It plays great actually, it's sound is pretty nice as well. The only possible thing wrong is that every note Bb and below is flat, as in the Bb on the staff, the spit valve could use a new cork, and the second valve sticks a bit sometimes, most likely because the previous user had pressed on the valve wrong the entire time they had played it, causing a slightly different groove to form. But really, other than those few minor things, it plays great, I prefer this horn over some others that I've played, well, and it's mouthpiece.

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