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Thread: Fusion Gig Bags

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    Fusion Gig Bags

    I've been looking around at gig bags for the euph I am about to get (Mack Brass) and was curious about the Fusion gig bags. I've read a lot of the threads on here about Altieri, Reunion Blues and Cronkhite, but I haven't seen any reviews on the Fusion bags which look very nice and seem to offer a lot of protection. I am mainly wondering if they will fit my horn, are worth the high price tag and offer as much protection as they seem to. I don't mind paying a lot for the bag my horn will be living in so long as it actually provides the protection and convenience it promises. Thanks in advance for your advice/reviews.
    Just in case (no pun intended) you don't know what I'm referring to.
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  2. I have not used that case, but their website says a Yamaha Neo will fit so I would assume a Mack euph, which is based off the Yamaha 641, would also fit. They certainly look nice to me but I cannot answer as to how protective they are or if they are worth the price.

  3. If you're wiling to spend $350 you might as well get a cronkhite or rb case.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TEuph View Post
    If you're wiling to spend $350 you might as well get a cronkhite or rb case.
    Are there any specific advantages that those bags have over the Fusion that you know of? I'm considering everything right now, I'm just curious as to specifics.

  5. My brother got a fusion case for his trombone a while back. I have no experience with the euphonium case other than a video that I saw online for their gig bag which is what I'm assuming you're referring to.

    The trombone case is quite comfortable a durable. My brother has had it for quite a while and none of the stitching has come loose, even though the handslide protective cover has become a bit battered in appearance.

    The only euphonium cases that I've had any experience with are the default yamaha pieces of junk and the excellent Marcus Bonna/Adams case. If you can afford the Marcus Bonna Case I would really recommend it. But then again, it does cost about as much as your horn, so yeah.


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