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    Wessex are pleased to be able to sponsor this forum and help the spread of knowledge about the horns we all love!

    Wessex Tubas was started in 2011 by UK tuba player, Jonathan Hodgetts after marrying a beautiful Chinese woman called Mei. That has given Wessex a unique relationship with the factory we use to manufacture and to ensure the most ethical business practices are followed, to develop and improve the instruments and to implement ever more quality improvements.

    While started selling standard Chinese brass, as business has grown and Wessex has become ever more respected, improvements have been made to virtually every aspect of Wessex and an increasing number of completely unique new models are being made exclusive to Wessex. We now have such good relations with factory, that nothing is too much trouble and is turning increasingly into a close partnership.

    The Wessex team are passionate about brass and making the best possible at prices more musicians can afford - with a customer service that we would want ourselves as musicians. Started by Jonathan and Mei, 2 years ago Andy Loree of Michigan (another fine tuba player) joined Wessex as USA agent, then Chip Hoehler, a professional with 50 years experience as trombone consultant, Tony George (professor tuba and ophicleide player) as ophicleide and vintage brass consultant, Jim Langley as tuba developer in UK, Sam Gnagey tuba developer, USA and most recently Steve Dixon (trombone player) to assist Jonathan in the UK.

    Wessex brass (we now sell everything up to piccolo trumpet and even saxophone) is getting an increasing reputation for our brass being better quality than anything else coming out of China - and Wessex are increasingly selling to professionals worldwide. Customers come from Mexico to Russia, Norway to New Zealand and dozens of countries in between.

    Wessex has always checked every instrument before selling, but we decided that was just not enough. Much better to stop anything imperfect ever leaving the factory, than try to correct later. So from Summer 2014 quality assurance checks by Wessex musicians from UK or USA have been implemented of every instrument at factory before accepting and being shipped. We play test and carefully examine, including removing and replacing every valve to ensure all is well. Nothing which we would not be happy with ourselves is accepted. Wessex believes no other company takes such care with the quality of their products to ensure every horn is a good one.

    The Wessex range ever increases at a rate we believe greater than any other brass company in the world - to provide tubas, euphonium and even higher brass to fulfil every requirement.

    Customer feedback is most useful for us to provide exactly what people want. So don't hold back - tell us what new models YOU would want - and also the areas of improvement YOU think most important...
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