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Thread: Silver/Gold Wessex Euphonium

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    Silver/Gold Wessex Euphonium

    I have noticed that the Wessex Dolce euphonium, the regular version without the trigger, now has a silver/gold finish option. Does anyone know if it is a silver instrument with gold highlights or a gold/lacquer instrument with silver highlights?

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    The Dolce Silver/Gold is a silver plated horn with gold valve caps. You can find some pics here, link is to a forum member selling their Dolce.

  3. As he said ^^^. That was my horn. Silver plated with gold accents on the valve caps.

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    And very nice it is too - mine seems to have a nice gold colour in the deeper parts of the bell. Whether that was by design or they ran low on silver when plating that bit I don't know , but it looks nice and polishes up nicely - gives it a 'posh' look

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