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Thread: Wessex Euphonium For Sale

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    Hello all!

    I am finally back from China and getting around to selling my euphonium. It is a Wessex Dolce model, silver with gold accents. I have had it for a little over a year and I have been very happy with it. It is in good condition with two small dings I could find, but could use some polishing as it has been sitting for a couple of months now.

    Some background: I am a college freshman and bought this my senior year of high school to continue playing in college. I am a non-music major, so my focus isn't always on playing and at the request of the band director, I am now playing tuba with my scholarship now applying to tuba. I could use the money to fund a tuba or a car, and this is just sitting around getting less love than it deserves. I will try to upload some pictures later when I have access to a computer, but for now I have pictures on my profile.

    I am including a Schilke 52E2 with gold plated rim and cup, a gold plated SM3, the original mouthpiece and springs, a full set of Yamaha springs, Rochut Melodious Etudes 1, a leather half-cover, and Voxman Selected Studies with the horn and case. I'm asking $1300 plus shipping from Southern Minnesota, but I would prefer to meet someone and I am willing to drive a couple hours to meet. I'm planning on leaving the horn here in minnesota when I go back to college, but I can bring it with to Sioux Falls, SD if someone there is interested. Please PM me with any questions or interest. Questions here are fine too. Thanks for looking!
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    Bump for pictures. All offers will be entertained

  3. I'm interested in this. I sent you a PM

  4. Horn is currently on hold

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    Still on hold?

  6. Horn is still on hold. I am meeting with a prospective buyer when I return from college on spring break (March 14).

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    Ok. Best of luck! Definitely interested if the sale doesn't fall through

  8. Horn is sold. Thanks for the interest everyone.

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    Glad it worked out - thanks for updating us!
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