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Thread: Dillon Music on eBay?

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    Dillon Music on eBay?

    So here's a question: From time to time, Dillon Music puts some brass instruments up on eBay, usually starting at about a dollar. They look like they came from the junk room somewhere, but every once in a while there's something that looks to be of interest. Shipping costs are high, but that reflects the cost of packing and shipping this stuff somewhere.

    Has anyone ever bought anything in this class from them, and what was the result? For example, right now there are three Cousenon Eb tubas listed, all about to sell in the next day or two. They look marginally tempting to me, but the descriptions are very, very limited. Just a warning about lots of dents scratches and tarnish. They post plenty of photos, though.

    Does anyone have any experience at all with these junkers from Dillon?
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    I have seen a lot of mention that if you call Dillon they will talk to you about the details of the instruments.

    With these old Eb tubas beware of one really critical thing: pitch. It is possible, or even likely, that the horn is not pitched to A=440, but something higher or something lower. If it's lower, then it's fairly simple to change it by cutting the horn. If it's higher, it's POSSIBLE to change it -- but that requires replacing a lot of the tuning tubing and is almost certainly not worth the expense or the effort.
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    Thanks. I'm always aware of the pitch issue with old horns. I hadn't thought about calling Dillon, though. Great idea.
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