Looking on eBay for a tuba or euphonium and hoping for a real bargain?

Here's a tip that might turn up what you want at a great price:

After searching for "tuba" or 'baritone" in the Brass category, set your eBay display options to show only "Buy it Now" listings and Sort by "Time: Newly Listed"

This will give you the earliest possible look at instruments where the seller has posted the item with the Buy it Now setting. People make mistakes in pricing musical instruments all the time and price them lower than their actual value. Lots of people know this, so these bargains disappear almost as soon as they are posted, but if you search daily, you might find the exact instrument you're looking for and not have to get involved in an auction sale.

Combine this with searches for misnamed instruments and your odds go up even more. Try searching for "Baritone" in Brass, for example, using those same settings, and you might get even luckier in your search for a used euphonium.

Search often and search smart and eBay will reward you with items you might never have seen. Just don't delay too long if you find a real bargain. Someone else will see it soon, too.