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Thread: Looking for a used euphonium online? Don't forget to look at baritones.

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    Looking for a used euphonium online? Don't forget to look at baritones.

    Probably a lot of people on this forum are looking for bargain-priced euphoniums on eBay and Craig's list. I know that I was. I found mine on Craig's list, finally, and at a price that was so low it was almost unbelievable.

    Here's the trick I used: Every time I searched eBay or Craig's list, I also searched for "baritone." Since most people have no idea what a euphonium is or know the difference between baritones and euphoniums, it's important to expand your search. Of course, you have to know the difference and be able to spot the stray euphoniums among the baritones. Careful attention paid to the size of the bottom bow and the conical tubing after the last valve will pay off.

    People selling things often have no idea what they have, so they list them as whatever they think they might be. You never know what you will discover when you search for instruments other than euphoniums. In fact, I've found euphoniums for sale on both eBay and Craig's List for the following search terms, too:

    "brass horn" - With this search, you'll see a lot of French Horns, mellophones, and other assorted instruments, including saxophones. You'll also find the odd, stray euphonium.

    "silver horn" - Don't forget this one. It's like the one above, but will have fewer results.

    "band horn" - This search has turned up a euphonium from time to time, too.

    "band instrument" - This truly generic search also occasionally turns up a euphonium, but requires you to look at many flutes, clarinets, and other instruments. It can be time consuming.

    "tuba" - Most of the time, this search will turn up a euphonium or two, as well. Some people think anything larger than a trumpet is a tuba.

    The advantage is that if you find an instrument that was misnamed by the seller, it's unlikely to have as many bids or as many potential buyers. That's good news if you're looking to save money on a used instrument. My Blessing "baritone" ended up costing just $125. It should have brought $500, given its condition and brand. Blessing didn't make baritones. It made euphoniums.
    3-valve Blessing B-350 Euphonium

  2. That is so smart! I never even thought of that. Thanks for the advice!

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