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The XO 1284 Professional Model CC Tuba is a large 4/4 tuba with incredible projection yet maintains a precise articulate response. The tuba boasts an 18" hand-formed yellow brass bell with enhanced bead and a rose brass lead pipe that enhances tone color and richness. Its graduated .732"-.787" bore with 4 dual-lapped stainless steel piston valves and flat whole step 5th valve rotary valve are designed to provide superior performance and maximum flexibility with superb intonation. Elliptical tuning slide crooks provide the additional edge needed for more accurate tuning and improved control. The 1284 is available in clear lacquer and bright silver-plated finishes.

Chief Design Consultants for XO Brass, Sam Pilafian and Pat Sheridan, possess more than half a century of experience designing brass instruments for top players throughout the world.
Aside from their highly respected design prowess, each gentleman carries with him an esteemed performance career that spans over four decades. They have left an indelible impression within the world of brass ensemble, both as performers and as educators. Pat and Sam continue to play in top venues across the globe, and are true ambassadors for brass instrumentalists.