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Thread: Alliance DC2 rim size

  1. Alliance DC2 rim size

    Hi, I would like to know the size of the rim of an alliance DC2.
    I've contacted alliance, but nobody answered to me.
    Thank you!

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    It's 26.4mm, equivalent to the Wick SM3, 3AL, SM3U, SM3X....

  3. The DC2 is "roughly" equivalent to a Wick 3 at 26.40mm. I say roughly because I find the David Childs series to play slightly "smaller" than the equivalent Wicks. For instance, my DC3 (which is what David plays), is supposed to be a 26mm rim size as is a Wick 4AL, SM4, SM4U, SM4X. However, when I play the DC3, it feels a bit smaller than the Wicks. This is interesting to me because the Alliance E3 (my regular 26mm mouthpiece on my Sterling) feels a bit larger than the Wick 4's.

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    And in a parallel way, Doug, the Alliance E2 feels slightly larger to me than the Wick 3s. But to me the DC2 feels about the same as the Wick 3s in width, while (to me again) the rim and bowl make the DC2 feel smaller than the Wick 3s.
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  5. Does anyone have a throat size on the DC2? Is it larger or smaller than the Denis Wick Ultra series (less than 7.4 mm)?

  6. Anyone? Bueller?

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Tubaryan12 View Post
    Anyone? Bueller?
    I was switching between the DC2 and an SM3U for a while. The DC2 definitely feels to have a smaller throat size, which is why I ended up staying with the SM3U. I preferred the more open blow of the SM3U to the tighter DC2. I wouldn't go so far to call it stuffy though, just takes less air.
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  8. Thanks!


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