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Thread: Hey Willson Fans!!

  1. Hey Willson Fans!!

    I was seeing if anyone here has played on a. UK MODEL WILLSON and had
    some insight on it?

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    Hi Luis,
    i suspect you mean the Willson 2900 with the large shank mpc receiver? The only one I can think of is Charley Brighton (aka Highams). He's a forum member here but I haven't seen him post in awhile. But, maybe there are other members who have played that model Willson.
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    I play on a Willson 2950TA (large shank model), feel free to ask any questions about it if you want!
    Keera Allen
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    My first Willson had the large shank, and there was something very wrong with it. I found it nearly impossible to center pitches above the staff, and the sound was stuffy. As luck would have it, the US Navy band was touring, and I had the opportunity to discuss the horn with Roger Behrend. We met in his hotel room, and he tried the horn and agreed that something was very wrong with it. I had it shipped back to Willson, and replaced it with one with the european shank. It's certainly possible that my experience was a fluke.

  5. In the UK, Wilson 2900's have been shipping with bass trombone shank for some time. However, Charlie experimented on his own horn (about 20 ys old) by adapting a York Eminence leadpipe to it. I played this horn and it was magnificent. AFAIK, Willson are now importing Willson 2900's with large shank leadpipes based on the York design (not the earlier 2950/2960 leadpipe) into the UK. US 2900's are still all medium shank.

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    I have never had any issues with my horn, great intonation, and always easy to adjust and play both high and low. Mine was made in 2009, and i got it used for $4,000 (used for 6 months by a middle school student who switched). its all a matter of finding the right one for you, because like many makers, all willsons play a bit differently! =]
    Keera Allen
    Senior, Central Michigan University
    Music Education: Euphonium, specializing in baritone
    Willson 2950TA Euphonium
    Yamaha YBH 621 Baritone
    Nirschl I-400SP Baritone

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    Yes Doug is correct.
    My 1992 Willson 2900 was a test model for adapting the York Eminence leadpipe & receiver for both the 2900 & 2950.

    A similar/slightly modified design (it's not quite the same) now comes as standard on Willson UK models, the original one is still on my own instrument.
    It's a much more open sound on both as the bore is fractionally larger on these leadpipes, and flexibility is greatly improved.

    These models also come with the B&H style (though more substantial) 4th. valve cover and optional heavy bottom valve caps.
    Best wishes, Chas

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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	willyork3.jpg 
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ID:	2146original fitting & testing of the York leadpipe on my 2900
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Just sent you a PM regarding horn.
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    You can see my opinions on the Willson 2960 in a brand-new blog post:

    It comes with a large shank receiver.
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