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Thread: What size Altieri euphonium gig bag?

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    What size Altieri euphonium gig bag?

    Hi all,

    I play on a Schiller elite, and am very happy with the horn but decided i needed a gig bag recently so I purchased altieri standard size, thinking since the bell is 11.8" it should fit with just a little space. It came today, and although the bell space seems to be just about right, its seems very spacious in width and a little in length which is making me a little nervous.

    Does anyone else have any experience with the Altieri standard euph gig bag? or is it a problem that it is a little big?

    I would appreciate any advice on this. Thanks!


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    I don't know gig bags, but if it will fit a YEP-642, it should fit a JBEP-1170/Schiller Elite just fine.
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    That sounds like my Altieri, both the one I just bought and the 20-year-old one I just discarded. They were both oversized for my Adams, but knowing that the old one was, and knowing that it protected my Sterlings and my Adams, I decided to order the new one the same size. I know there are theories that say a tighter-fitting bag is better, but it has not been a problem. AND I have a contrary theory.

    I also own a Reunion Blues bag, and it fits the Adams like a glove. Like a new glove, actually, in that there is no room to spare. If I were going to throw the horn across the room, I might choose the RB bag, although I am not sure it would really protect better than the Altieri. (For one thing, the Altieri has different layers of padding with different density, which may make for better shock protection.) But overlooking that for now, I had originally planned to replace my old Altieri with the Reunion Blues, but I changed my mind after a short time of using it. At first I noticed the Altieri had been more convenient to use, which was partly because of the smoother lining and partly because I did not have to squeeze the horn in. But I told myself to get over it. What changed my mind, though, was that it was hard to get the horn in or out without it rubbing on the zipper. That concerned me, because I didn't trust myself to not scratch the horn over time.

    So that's what I think. I can't guarantee I made the right choice, but it was an informed choice, both for the brand and the fit of the bag. As far as worrying about damage, if I am going to be somewhere that makes me nervous, I plan on using the Bonna case that came with the Adams. I don't trust ANY gig bag when the going gets really tough.
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