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Thread: A Tasty Baritone

  1. A Tasty Baritone

    Anyone ever get bite marks in the bell? It probably makes for a good conversation starter.

  2. That horn was made sometime between 1985 - 1988 (exact records are missing). While the horn is quite obviously dirty, with a "Buy it now" price of $1,580.46 (converted from GBP) it could be a good buy. The repairs would be simple:

    1. Get bell marks taken out. Easily done by any decent technicial. Cost: $50-100
    2. Clean and polish entire horn. Clean valves. Do it yourself.
    3. Replace spring dampers, valve felts, water key corks. Parts cost around $50 from Do work yourself.

    When I talked to Dave Childs about buying a new 2056 Prestige, his advice was to instead purchase a 15 year old Sovereign 955. This horn would fit that bill.
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  3. I might buy it but the seller seems to not want to ship it, even within the UK.

    I did make an inquiry though.
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