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    I've actually fully noticed that Cerveny had a professional compensating euph recently, and from what im seeing, theres little to no reviews or comments about it. Has anyone tried it, and is it a good one to look at to buy? They seem to be going out of the way with the gold and stylistic things, but the lack of info about how good it is draws me away from it...

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    Yes, I've tried it. I had a nice chance to blow one while at ITEC. By some luck or other, the displays were nearly empty and quiet at one point one day, and I had not yet played the Emperor, so I grabbed my chance while I was able to hear!

    The one I played had a huge sound and was very dark. During my first few moments of playing it I was very impressed. But that impression wore off quickly, mostly because playing it felt like I was trying to jog wearing hunting boots. The response was not great overall, and seemed relatively more inconsistent from note to note than any of the top brands. The intonation was not impressive, but it had a trigger that would help a lot.

    Overall I was disappointed. It was my first chance to play one of these, and it had looked really good "on paper." I was hoping for better results. The sound might be great if you were playing something that required an enormous sound, but would likely get in the way when you need to be more subtle. The response would rule it out for me, even if I liked the sound completely - it was just too much work to play it.
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    The Emperor is the base model for the new Catelinet 4v compensated Euphonium now sold by Rosehill in the UK.
    The were no less than a dozen changes made which improved it a great deal and a heavy 12" brass bell version should be out in the new year.
    The Catelinet euphs are each hand made, our protoptype was built by a former York worker who moved from the Schieiber-Keilwerth factory when they closed.

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    The Emperor is the base model for the new Catelinet 4v compensated Euphonium now sold by Rosehill in the UK.
    Just to be clear, this is a tweaked stencil of the Cerveny Emperor that was introduced in Feb 2008, rather than the Emperor?

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    No, they sent us a newly designed/constructed model to view earlier this year.

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    Has anyone played one of these recently? Just curious if they've made improvements.

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    I played it last Friday in their factory shop (it is a Czech brand). I will make intonation chart and will write some insights... :-]
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